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The Scottish Sports Association is delighted to announce the appointment of Deloitte Propel as our new Accountancy Services Preferred Partner.

Following a competitive tender process Deloitte Propel has been appointed as the new preferred accountancy partner for the Scottish Sports Association (SSA) as of April 1, 2018. Deloitte Propel provides technology-led cloud accounting services which supports transparency, strong governance and helps ambitious organisations grow.

Deloitte Propel will work with the Scottish Sports Association, the independent and representative body for governing bodies of sport in Scotland, to provide an exclusive deal and offer a range of services to both the SSA and its members. In addition to helping Scottish Governing Bodies (SGBs) of sport, this tailored package will also be available to the 13,000 sports clubs which are members of the SSA’s members. The Deloitte Propel services include: full bookkeeping service, accounting, compliance as well as forecasting, setting and measuring KPIs and receiving alerts through Propel’s real-time analytics dashboard.

“Deloitte Propel provides clients with the best cloud technology in the market, alongside support from a dedicated Deloitte Propel Financial Expert. The sports industry is expanding at an accelerated pace and technology is a definite ally. We are thrilled to support the Scottish Sports Association, their members and their members’ clubs, and to enable better decision making skills through real-time information. We are confident that Deloitte Propel will be a great partner in helping sports to grow their member bases whilst meeting governance responsibilities.” says Mark Doleman, Lead Partner at Propel.

Back in November 2017, the Scottish Sports Association undertook a review of their accountancy services and invited accountancy providers to submit their proposals to offer those services to both the SSA and their members.

Kim Atkinson, Chief Executive Officer of the Scottish Sports Association, comments: “As a membership organisation, the needs and views of our members are fundamental in informing and guiding our work. In consultation with our members, we launched our new ‘Preferred Partners’ programme, to provide exclusive, best-value deals for our members for services identified by them. Following a competitive tender process, we are delighted to appoint Deloitte as our Accountancy Preferred Partner. The Propel services mirror the innovation and ambition of our members and this new partnership provides an exclusive deal for our members and as another benefit for our members to offer to their member clubs. Working with Deloitte Propel will enable sports to further develop and achieve with a partner focused on growth and innovation, with the breadth of Deloitte behind them.”

This exclusive deal is open to all Scottish Sports Association Full and Associate Members, as well as their member clubs. If you would like more information about the services Propel can offer please contact Jasmin Bailey on 

About Deloitte Propel:

Deloitte Propel delivers real-time accounting and analytics to support ambitious businesses and organisations as they grow, taking the burden of bookkeeping off their hands, managing all the accounting essentials, alongside support from a dedicated Financial Expert. We provide clients with the best cloud technology in the market to help them track how their business is performing today, and a whole range of business planning support to help forecast for tomorrow.

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