Adventurous Activities Licensing

PUBLISHED: Jan 30, 2015
CATEGORY: Non-Govt Consultation Responses 2015-16 2015-16 consultation responses 

Adventure activities licensing ensures that activity providers follow good safety management practices.

The SSA believes that principally any new system needs to be simple and reflective of good risk managementwithin the sector and of any existing SGB schemes. Therefore, the SSA proposes either a voluntary scheme of self-assessment or a Government funded system of external verification. Should a system of external verification be progressed, the SSA would expect further consultation on this prior to any system being progressed.

Any new scheme should improve aspects of the existing scheme through taking into account a wider range of adventurous activities, encompassing all ages of participant (including those with a disability) and embracing the protection of both young people and vulnerable adults.

Our preference is for a UK solution to this consultation but, if this does not meet the needs of our members, we would call for a Scottish specific solution.

The SSA is concerned about the ongoing lack of understanding and confusion as to the implications of any change in this regard. As the current scheme only impacts on a restricted number of sports/activities, and as there is no definition for adventurous activities, many sports/activities are unsure if this will impact on them.

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Adventure Activities Review SSA Response 2015