Member Network Webinar: Cross border opportunities and comms

 Tuesday, 19th May, 1-2pm: SSA Member Network Webinar: Cross border working, opportunities and communications

To help share guidance and information, as well as facilitating discussion between members, the SSA is establishing a series of video conference calls and webinars.

This call will focus on cross border working, communications and opportunities.

The current circumstances have highlighted the necessity for effective cross border communication, collaboration and working.

What challenges have you experienced working with UK or equivalent home nation bodies? What positive examples of collaboration have you experienced? There are opportunities to highlight the work done by SGBs and better collaborate and work in partnership for the future. Please use this call to highlight what is working well and potential opportunities, as well as current challenges and issues. 

This discussion will focus on good practice in cross border working and communications. We will be joined by James Jopling, head of British Heart Foundation Scotland, who has worked for several cross border charities and Third Sector organisations to share his experiences. Please join the call to highlight what works well for you in existing cross border operations as well as consider potential opportunities for improvement.

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