SSA - SGB Sharing Best Practice Session


The SSA will be hosting our first ‘SGB Sharing Best Practice Session’ on 29th Novemebr 2017

The goal is to bring together ambitious likeminded individuals and help give them a connection to their peers by offering access to a diverse network of governing body contacts. We want to give them meaningful opportunities to explore new ideas and discover new ways of thinking with the common goal of helping develop sport in Scotland.

A lot of what happens in sport is transferrable and there is often curiosity as to what other SGBs are doing. We want to help support our members to be innovative in their development, and this often happens by learning from others, by sharing skills and knowledge, by working together and adapting what has gone before.

Specific details for the 29th are still being worked out, however, the session will last approximately 3.5 hours with talks and speakers from

Badminton Scotland
On the success of hosting their recent World Championships

Scottish Gymnastics
On the success of their Club Business Model

Scottish Athletics
On the success of their Club Impact Assessment survey

More details on timings and location will be sent out in due course via your SGB’s Training Contact but please feel free to share this in the meantime.