An important area of work for the SSA is to ensure that our members’ voices are heard at the highest level. To ensure this happens we undertake advocacy work which allows us and our members access to politicians and decision makers within the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament:

Scottish Parliament Health & Sport Committee

The SSA continued to forge strong links with the Scottish Parliament through its representation work and took an active role in two of the Health & Sport Committee's inquiries: ‘Child Protection in Sport’ and ‘Sport For Everyone’.

Child Protection in Sport

The issue of child protection received significant media attention towards the end of 2016, leading the Committee to look at the wider sporting sector and to investigate the current processes being implemented to make sport safe for all that take part. The SSA in consultation with our members, submitted written evidence to their Inquiry, touching on key areas including use of the PVG scheme, employer checks, adequate training and support, to name a few. Following the review of our submission we were invited to a roundtable discussion with the Committee along with several other stakeholders, some of whom were our members, as well as those from the likes of Volunteer Scotland, Children 1st and NSPCC Scotland.

The Inquiry has resulted in the Minister for Public Health and Sport advising the Committee that she will host a roundtable discussion to consider how the PVG scheme works for sports organisations and what more could be done to support them in order to protect children.

Sport For Everyone

The Committee carried out an Inquiry around access to, and participation in, sport in Scotland, specifically looking at the legacy of the Commonwealth Games, and whether there had been an increase in participation since 2014. The first phase of the Inquiry sought views from stakeholders involved in the provision of sporting activities and services. In consultation with our members, the SSA submitted a response containing detailed figures from a large number of governing bodies. Once again the SSA was invited to be part of the round table discussion which would inform the Committee going forward.

Following this Call for Evidence the Committee published their findings and launched Phase 2 of the Inquiry, specifically focused on grassroots sport and the importance of developing strategies to remove barriers to participation. The SSA, on behalf of our members, responded to that further Call for Evidence with a written submission in May 2017.


Membership Satisfaction

Our members are at the heart of everything we do as an organisation and we are determined to make sure we deliver the best possible service. As part of this we need to monitor and review our service, not only to make sure we’re doing the best we can, but so that we know where we can make further improvements. 


The survey showed that we are maintaining high levels of satisfaction across the board with a strong level of engagement in the services we offer, however, there is still more to be done in this regard. We will continue to improve our services and work to ensure that all members are fully aware of the services available to them.

Member Quotes